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The Grace Mugabe saga: A tale of motherhood or a simply barbaric act?

Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, is being accused of assaulting a young woman with an electrical extension cord after she found her cohabiting with her two sons in Johannesburg this past weekend. Speculations suggest that she has fled South Africa after the incident, others however are of the idea that she stayed and is seeking diplomatic immunity.

Whatever. What motivated me to write this post is a tweet by a certain advocate who insinuated that “a normal parent would have done what Grace did, why was the girl staying with those boys? does she not have a home?” Among other people who said that it was not surprising for an African mother to react this way. As always, people always find ways to blame the victim. No wonder why victims seldom speak up, it is sad really.

I am not a parent but i believe parenthood does not mean micromanaging someone else’s child while you enable your own. Why didn’t she punish her boys instead? And to think it is women’s month with all these assaults against women at peak: Manana assault, (Bathabile Dhlamini – an entire President of a ruling party’s woman’s league – defending the perpetrator), a whole list of other assaults, & now Grace Mugabe – another entire President of a ruling party’s women’s league – assaults a young woman. The sad part is that this act will go unpunished, it will be swept under the rug and forgotten in about a week or two. She will not face any implications for her wrongdoings and Fikile Mbalula’s #wanyaTsotsi ….ok, let’s not even go there.

This is embarrassing to say the least. What does this say about motherhood? Punish the rest and protect your own? What does it say about what she can do in Zimbabwe if she has the audacity to attack a defenseless girl in her own country? Ok, we already know she granted herself a Doctorate & claimed ownership of an entire Dam, but do diplomatic passports allow her sense of entitlement to go across borders? How does her irresponsible behavior influence the ever looming threat of xenophobia that is forcing Zimbabweans in South Africa to go home? Is it not bad enough that situations she is responsible for (at the least by association) led to people crossing borders? does she have to incite other unfavorable situations across the borders for the same people?

Point is, the “first lady” of a country is supposed to be the mother of an entire nation, & not just two obviously spoilt brats.