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New book released speaking on Karabo Mokoena’s death

Jackie Phamotse has released a new book titled, “Bare” that speaks on Karabo Mokoena’s death and the characters that were involved in her life.

Many young people are enigmatic about how they live and it all plays out on social media! Posts about expensive trips, clothes and numerous lavish gifts. What does being blessed mean in our pompous lives? The country fell to its knees when the death of the well-known socialite death high national news. Karabo Mokoena is one of many that have crossed paths with social psychopaths and might choose silence over their lives. They go back to a toxic life to continue living lavish.

However, BARE, by Jackie Phamotse documents the last moments of what other say may have happened to Karabo. A step by step break down on how she may have lived her life. Which happens to be very similar to many lives lived in social media by our own ministers and their girlfriends, take the story of our very own minster Gigaba… What can money really buy you in a fast flashy city? In this fast life most choose SILENCE and a GOOD LIFE!

In Jackie Phamotse’s book ‘Bare’, she highlights how one of her characters Treasure couldn’t resist money and the power it brought. “But, building a life in a big city doesn’t come easy and Treasure watched the tall buildings, fancy cars and well-dressed men and women zoom past as they drove north through the city. She thought designer shoes, beautiful dresses and weaves and asked how she can fulfil all that she desires when she hasn’t started working. “

The words “relax; all you need is a Minister of Finance in your life – someone who will support your desires”, Could one of Karabo’s friends have said these same words at some point in her life? Money is a weapon; its ammunition is pleasure. But is the pleasure worth the pain and endless sacrifices?

‘Bare’ is dedicated to the late Karabo Mokoena (the young lady who made headlines after she was burned to death by her boyfriend), whilst also telling Treasure’s real life story.

She shares the abuse from men that were around her. From her father’s power over them, to being gang raped at a club, raped during model casting and how she sold her soul to a man who gave her the lavish lifestyle as he slowly owned her life by taking each piece of her soul

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