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Rwanda: Kagame wins 3rd term with 98% votes

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has won a third term in office in a flawless victory extending his 17 years in power.

This win ensures him another 7 years in office were he vowed to keep up the country’s economic growth. His win came after defeating Frank Habineza and Phillipe Mpanyima as well rights activist Diane Shima Rwigara was disqualified by the electoral commision and the remaining 8 parties did not put up a candidate but instead backed Kagame.

Critics out of the country have often said President Paul Kagame rules by fear and one often wonders if he is truly a visionary or a tyrant.

Paul (59), a former child, refugee came into power after his Tutsi rebel seized the capital, Kigali, ending the genocide in which the Hutsis had wiped away 800000 ethnic Tutsis.

Only a few leaders have managed to win 95% and above and these include Castro, Hussein, Kim Jong II, Bashir and Berdimuhamedov.

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