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Sugar is the enemy, not fat!!!

Yes, you read that right! Fat does not make you fat, sugar does and by sugar I do not mean actual sugar you put in your tea. I mean processed food, starches, fast foods basically anything that gives you blood sugar surge. For a few hours you will be on a sugar high then your glucose levels will suddenly decrease and within seconds you are already famished, you have experienced this haven’t you? So you know what I am talking about.

Listen, for ages you have been conditioned to seek for a low fat option on the shelf (low fat yoghurt, low fat milk, diet coke, fat free etc etc) – forget that. Nobody has ever had a fat addiction because fat keeps you fuller for a longer time in comparison to sugar which you constantly have to indulge. Your brain sees sugar as a reward and it will take sometime to tame it, take time to adjust.

By fat I mean healthy fat of course that is avocado, eggs (including the yolk yes), animal fat, butter, and oh yes you can totally have bacon guilt free. I understand that it may be hard to shake off the fear of eating fat after being socialised all this while that fat is the enemy but eating healthy fats can help you burn more calories that eating the same amount of carbs especially if you are trying to reduce your waistline.

A diet high in starch and sugar increases inflammation and encourages diabetes and obesity. Recent studies have shown that low carb high fat diets tend to burn more calories than low fat high carb diets not to mention benefits such as improved cholesterol and insulin resistance. Listen, i am not saying completely go cold turkey on carbs because they are necessary i am saying ditch the simple processed carbs and go for whole foods with quality fats, fibre and complex carbs e.g legumes, vegetable carbs basically anything that will not spike your blood sugar.

Please note, sugar comes in many forms now that co-operates run the risk of loss due to LCHF diets therefore it can be “sugarcoated” in the ingredients. Lookout on food labels for names like sweetener, glucose, lactose, fructose, evaporated can juice, agave nectar, malt syrup etc etc. Sugar can also be hidden in spices, sauces, salad dressing so get in the habit of reading labels and try to keep you carb intake at less that 25g / day. All this paired with a little exercise may lead to satisfactory results, you may want to try it it wouldn’t hurt.

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