“You are not intelligent enough, You are not bright enough, Your place is in the home, You are useless, You will amount to nothing, It’s much better to give birth to a boy child than a girl child,  Taking her to school is a waste of money, let us just elope her to Mr so and so…” Do these statements sound familiar to you? I am sure they do. What I have illustrated above has been and still is the order of the day for women around the world. Although some changes have taken place but the stereotype is still there. We have been made to believe that us women are worthless and the best we can do is stay at home and give birth. At the end, women get married out of financial need, reason being they get married before they are economically stable. They want men to relieve them of their indebtedness and assume the weight of their oppression. They do not have anything to add to the man’s portfolio and what they do is come into the marriage with financial baggage and add nothing to the pot. Well, today I bring a message of liberation to you Woman, who has for years felt that you are worthless. No You Are Not. God created you in His Image and likeness.

He placed you above all the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the livestock, over all the earth and all the creatures that move along the ground. In Genesis 1:31 when He finished creating everything He said, “This is Good,” and guess what, that included you as well. When God looks at you from heaven, He confidently says, “This woman is good. You need to know that the one who created you knows you better than the one in the world who knows only to devalue you but is unable to create a replica of you. Look at this, God called you to assist Him in the creative process of childbirth. It is from your womb that the great people you see in this world are birthed from. Talk of The Great Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth of England, Eleanor Roosevelt and Sir Nelson Mandela, they all came from the womb of a woman. You are precious and of great importance in this world. God made you creative. You carry dreams in the womb of your mind and give birth to ideas that will bring life to your family and finances. WOMAN! You carry greatness within you. YOU ARE PRECIOUS.


If you doubt this then how did Great Women like Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth make it to the top? They did because they believed in the greatness that they carried, faced the world with boldness and courage and opted NEVER to give up on their dreams. I remember when I was taken to Roosevelt Girls High school, here in Zimbabwe, for my secondary education; some people thought I was never going to make it to university just because of the misconception that Roosevelt does not groom bright ladies. Well, allow me to submit this truth to you, Roosevelt Girls High School does groom bright, focused ladies and I am one of them. I excelled with 14 points at Advanced level and here I am, still growing stronger now doing my masters. Ladies you do not have to come from a silver satin background for you to be a determined, focused, courageous and successful lady, NO. You need to build your esteem and self-confidence. Do not try to be like so and so. Acknowledge the person that you are including the gifts that you have and work towards improving yourself DAILY. Someone told me this, successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.

God will help you to build YOU and not to be like someone else. Do not sit and wait for change to come in your life like a girl sitting in the tower waiting for prince charming to come riding in a white horse asking for her hand in marriage. WOMAN! I strongly suggest that you get up, dress yourself in determination, accessorize yourself with courage and equip your feet with strength to run the good race of your life.  I know for years women have had to fight through the false message that suggested that their place was in the home. That is not even Biblical. The Bible talks of the Proverbs 31 woman who is hardworking, wealthy and very progressive and so should you be. However you are welcome to stay at home, if you feel that you are called to be a domestic goddess. But if you are more inclined to impact your community and your society by working, and then do just that, God is with you in your ambition. You carry solutions that the world is waiting for, ARISE and SHINE.


Because Jesus lives in you, YOU ARE THE NEXT BIG PROJECT TO HAPPEN, OH YES YOU ARE. Decide to be a woman of action who makes things happen and not be the one who watches things happen or always asks what just happened. Establish yourself economically so that when you get married, you do not do so out of financial need but because it is just the will of God for you to do so. If you still think you are not precious enough, just take a look at this situation in a marriage set up. A woman is a partner, a lover, a mother and a friend. In a space of a few hours, she can go from running a business to washing clothes to preparing dinner for family to reading bedtime stories and to climbing into her matrimonial bed. This is truly a challenge to most men, I believe, and yet a woman has so much energy to accomplish all this.

Surely ,you Woman, are the greatest Master piece that the world has ever seen. You are bright enough, You are Intelligent enough and You are able to make it. Develop a positive Image of yourself and go out there and make a difference. If you were thinking of giving up, just hold on My Sister. You are more than able; Jesus is leading you in a triumphal procession. You are almost there, HOLD ON. I am very much confident with every fibre in my body that I am the next big project to happen. So Ladies join me in this chariot and let us make the world glad that we were here.


The next time you feel defeated in your spirit, just remember God whispering, WOMAN THOU ART PRECIOUS!!! I love you all. Bye for now!

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