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Still Gift: The imaginative artist and producer

Gift Maposa (born October 24, 1994), professionally known as Still Gift, is a Zimbabwean recording artist and record producer from the dusty township of Mkoba 17, Gweru.

Gift has recorded and produced a number of tracks including those on his debut mixtape, ESCAPING (Exclusive Short Commentary About Progress IN Gweru) which was released in May of 2017.

Gift grew up around music, wriggling to the Zhakata hit ‘Mugove’ on the sofa as an infant. His Parents made sure that every child in the family, except him, went through elementary music
courses at the Midlands Academy of Music. He attended Guinea Fowl High School from 2008 to 2013. Even though he did not get a chance to go through the basics, he managed to scavenge his
brothers’ and sisters’ creativity with instruments, passion for melody, abilities to read and write music, and of course singing, the confidence of which he tried to nurture through high school.
During his time at Guinea Fowl, jumped into an acapella ensemble from the moment he stepped at
that wonderful institution. Stage fright caused him to fallout with the group after a brief spell with

In 2009 he had a scuffle with a newcomer, who later became his close friend, who he largely
credits for setting of a chain reaction which led him to the current position in music. The friend was a
passionate Hip-Hop head and together they would try reciting 50 Cent’s classic ‘Get Rich Or Die
Tryin’. Rap Native, as the friend would later be known as, invited Gift and some couple other friends
he had made to ‘Rap City’ curated by BK-Zee in the senior’s dormitory. They formed a rap-crew;
Grandbarz and Gift took up a moniker, GAMz. The crew devoted many hours per week to creating
and developing rap skills until, well, school happened.

In 2011 Gift bumped into the DAW Fruity Loops. Since then, he has been teaching himself basic
production skills and has also developed a musical style not familiar to the Zimbabwean Hip-Hop
scene, sampling. “It is a recurring process” he mentions.
As far as influences go, in the words of the legendary Kingpinn, “Hip-Hop. Is an institution of true
defiance, speaking out to the people to unify them.” The lyrics and the anthem-like chorus led by the
harmonious strings stuck with Gift since a tender age. Watching the movie ‘Brown Sugar’ further
solidified that inner passion for Hip-Hop and whoever comes after that is a vital part of the culture
growing within, a therapy keeping him at bay.

Gift says he appreciates music to such an extent that
he cannot pinpoint where he particularly draws his inspiration from because all genres have and still
influence his musical style: be it Afro-beat; Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, Blues, Classical, Choral, Pop etc.
Apart from music, Gift is an undergraduate student at the National University of Science and Technology. A big fan of cricket, which he played during his primary and high school days, he now finds himself active with the NUST Golf team. He is a super fan of comedy. He lives for God, Familyhimself active with the NUST Golf team. He lives for God, Family
and Friends. Stay tuned to this weird and imaginative artist/producer.

Twitter : @stillgift
Instagram : @stillgift
Soundcloud : Still Gift
Youtube : Still Gift

Listen to ESCAPING by Still Gift #np on #SoundCloud


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