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The Voice SA runner-up Josh Ansley preaches love

Zimbabwean Josh Ansley, the runner-up of The Voice SA season 2 took to social media to preach love and not hate, imploring his fans to stop hurling abusive and taunting messages at the winner Craig Lucas.

Some of Josh’s loyal fans were displeased that he came as runner-up, which made Lucas the subject of various kinds of messages from fans, abusive ones. After a gruelling competition Craig Lucas and his coach Kahn were crowned winners.

Craig Lucas

Ansley made a Facebook post urging his fans to spread love and not hate.

“Here we are and what an incredible experience! I need to say it tho, as much as I really appreciate the love and support I’m not a fan of the abuse being thrown at Craig at the moment. If you really love me please respect my wishes to pull down your abusive posts towards Craig. It hurts me and I know that my fans are actually kind hearted people. Please guys, all you need is love and I have a lot of love for Craig Lucas. I think he is a phenomenal, fresh, original artist who is 100% a deserving winner. Well done Craig, I will always be a wholehearted fan ❀️
Josh fans, spread love ❀️ please!
Thank you for all the support x” he wrote.

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