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Celebrating African talent: Sandra Musujusu develops breast cancer alternative treatment

Africa continues to shine and lead in ground-breaking technological advancements that seek to improve lives for the better.

Sandra Musujusu, a student at the African University of Science and Technology in Abuja, Nigeria has developed an alternative treatment for breast-cancer, a disease which is highly prevalent among women all over the world.

Musujusu’s research, using macro-molecular science, aims at using bio-degradable polymeric material that could be used as a sustainable way for treating breast cancer. She revealed that the focal point of her research is to focus on triple negative breast cancer which is the aggressive subtype of breast cancer among women of African descent. Her theory could lead to long-lasting positive effects in the concerted fight against breast cancer.

This came to light in Abuja, Nigeria when the World Bank Education Director Dr. Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi, with his team visited the University as part of his assessment tour of the 10 African Centres of Excellence (ACE) centres.The World Bank disbursed about $ 10 billion for the ACE project in Nigeria as part of efforts to encourage leading-edge research and specialization of recipient institutions in specific development issues in Nigeria and even the continent African.

Sandra Musujusu, a Sierra Leonean national, is conducting her innovative and life-saving research under the sponsorship of the Pan African Institute of Materials (PAMI).

Asked on her thoughts about her latest research, this is what she said, “My research is actually centred on the development of bio-degradable polymers for treatment of breast cancer.

I will be focusing on triple negative breast cancer which is actually the aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that is common with women from African ancestry.”

I believe there is a bright future for Africa, and as a woman there is much more we can do if we are empowered. This award given to me by PAMI has empowered me to face my studies with more confidence and actually contribute to the frontier of knowledge and move Africa forward.”

Sandra’s efforts are laudable and hopefully will inspire more African students and other scientists in related fields to come up with more theories and researches, using all the available resources at their disposal to improve lives.

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