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Let`s Go Back To Our African Roots

We are slowly forgetting about our African Roots, it is really disappointing to see our fellow Africans adapting to western culture and that is sadly impacting to the next generation, the reality is we are embracing western culture rather than our own

Being African is much more than the colour of our skin, it is about history, Our Roots, Colour, Heritage so forth

It is disappointing to see our African sister embracing  fake hair than their natural hair, black African women should celebrate their hair, I believe the way a women wears her hair depicts who she is, who are we women? are we African but representing western culture ?

Before I get deep into this I would like to state with great emphasis that African women are naturally beautiful but We are tainting our African beauty with make – up, plastic surgery, skin bleaching, unfortunately this has become a norm or rather fashionable

It is really saddening to watch Africans adapting to Western Culture with so much deep pride, my question is what message are we sending to the next Generation? What identity are we passing to the next Generation? we tend to forget that we are the future of our culture

Another sad reality is that most people choose English over their mother tongue, it has become the preferred language, we even judge each other if we don`t speak  fluent English, we even measure people`s intelligence with how fluent they are in English, we name our kids with English names, our kids are even ashamed of their African names they would instead preferred to be called with their English names, I must remind you my fellow African sisters and brothers that  forgetting our language means forgetting ourselves

Gone are the days where our African kids were taught how to play with sticks, where our African kids were taught about respecting elders whether it be their own mother , father or stranger, in today`s world our kids are brought up to communicate in English, our kids are being spoiled and brought up with western culture , instead of taking our children to museums to learn about history and culture they are better kept indoors playing video games, i`m talking with great passion about children because they are the future pillars of this continent

My fellow Africans I care so much about our roots it is an origin of who you are, I would love to see a sense of culture in us, a sense of who we are, let us raise children who are going to be proud of their African roots by encouraging culture at home, children`s love for their roots cannot be inherited it is instead taught

I have one friend who speaks like an American yet he is born and bred in Soweto, what a loss of identity, a loss of Origin

Let us not be a generation that is passing down a loss of roots to the coming generation, let us take pride in our African roots, in the great word of James burke “ if you don’t know where you`ve come from , you don’t know who you are “


Our African identity matters.

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