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The big chop: How to rock it

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Coco Chanel 

So you have decided to let go of the archaic notion that long hair represents beauty and made the drastic commitment to cut your hair, liberating isn’t it? Experts seem to think there are historical links between women’s long tresses and the image of fertility and sexual desirability, and most seemed to feel that a woman who made a drastic change from long hair to a gamine-short cut was expressing some intent to be “off the market” in some measure.

I disagree

Sometimes you just need a new look and there is no poetic justice to it. Sometimes a girl just needs to cut herself off from the societal standard of beauty. Sometimes she’s cutting off the damage. We tend to abuse the hair on our heads with incessant abuse we bestow upon our strands with the brutal weaponry of hot irons and teasing combs has wreaked severe havoc therefore sometimes the only thing to do is get rid of it and start the over. Sometimes its as simple as it sounds: The shorter the hair, the shorter the time spent caring for it. Lets agree on one thing though; short hair is everything! Whatever your reasons are for contemplating the big chop, here is some inspiration:


Chop away…..

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