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Fabulous ways to tie your head-wrap!

Ha! Lets face it, sometimes a girl just wants to off the wig and go native…its refreshing, its hip, its fashionable, its head wrap! And the plus is, it enhances your dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty and your melanin pop. So whats not to love, and oh its never boring. You can literally tie your head wrap in million different styles and here are some examples of how you can do that in case you get stuck along the way….

  • The turban

  • The chic up-do

  • The side bow


  • The braided wrap

  • The oh-so-native wrap

  • The denim do

  • The grandma look

  • The keffiyeh

  • The Gele

  • The headband

P.S: To women rocking head-wraps everywhere, we see you and we appreciate you 🙂

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