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Minister Muthambi Responds to SADTU

It is with a great concern that we note the article by SADTU concerning my appointment as the new minister for DPSA.What makes it so concerning is that they’re not showing the same obsession to the work they’re supposed to be performing.With so many challenges faced by our education system,one would think they would put all their focus and energies in trying to make the system to work.Their interests should be on the issues that are crippling the education sector,the challenges that are threatening the future of our children,not political grandstanding.

We must perhaps take time to point out the ills within their area of speciality that can keep them pre occupied instead of worrying about who the president appoints to serve the people of South Africa.

Some schools goes for months without receiving learning materials and text books! .
Some kids in the eastern cape are learning underneath the trees but SADTU is quite

There are provinces where books are not yet delivered;
teachers who don’t go to schools, yet getting paid monthly;
There are only few schools for kids with disabilities;
There are teachers who don’t perform at schools,coming to school drunk and leaving kids unattended;
There are teachers who rape school kids;
Teachers who sell jobs and drugs at schools, because it’s their members it is well.

The appointment of principals being left for SGB has proved to be a problem,they’re not taking a lead on the matter;

Teenage pregnancy affecting the running of school and the scope of teachers as they sometimes have to assist during labor;
There are teachers who are on contract and not paid on time or appointed permanent;
There is a need to transform and decolonize the curriculum taught in schools;

These challenges are what SADTU must be occupied with,they must desist from fighting factional battles and casting aspersions ,we will work well with them if they are progressive and have the interests of both the learners and the teachers at heart.

As I write this letter we are busy rolling out DTT to the marginalized regions specifically MAHIKENG LOCAL MUNICIPALITY RAMATLABAMA – This is what matters to me as a Civil Servant

This is not the time to score political points! We need to work together in building a better society! I will not be distracted by those seeking to play political football!

Our people need services and that’s what matters! Batho Pele

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  1. Makhayandile Makhayandile

    Welcome to the Public sector Minister Mutambi, I am a teacher for 23 years now in rural KZN and a member of a progressive Sadtu…I want to asure you that the reason why we still have running systems in education in this country is because of Sadtu. All the issues you thumbsuck above are not in essence the responsibility of a trade union but of the state, your worry should be how are you going to pay the moneys owed by your department to teachers since 2009, I suspect you started with a wrong footing and I guarantee you , you shall fail again as usual.

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