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Robert Mugabe, a man eaten by fear

So one day I was reading an article on how Mugabe has been consumed by fear on Alex Magaisa’s blog. It then dawned on me that we are dealing with a hard nut but behind all the obstinacy he exhibits to Zimbabweans and Africans is a man engulfed with fear.

Mugabe is afraid of life without power. All he has known in his life is power and that alone has consumed him to the extent that there cannot be any figment of imagination of life without power to him. Such obsession with power makes him quiver with fear.

Because of this, Mugabe is thus afraid of life after power. The central issue hovering life without power is that of prosecution. Mugabe has overseen heinous crimes against humanity and he has, unfortunately for our part, survived this because of Presidential immunity. He is very aware of the fact that prosecution faces him if he does not have any immunity from having power. The thought of prosecution scares him a lot.

Then, Mugabe also has a fear of those around him. Even though his adherents are loyal to him, with others doing some of the atrocities on his behalf, he still has a clandestine mistrust towards them. Mugabe is infamously known for not revealing much with his cabinet and security agents. They hardly know what he plans on doing next because Mugabe fears this can be used against him. With factionalism intensely rearing its ugly head in the party, Mugabe has each and every reason to  be afraid of his cabal. Mugabe simply does not trust people in handling his interests and all this is driven by an inherent sense of fear.

Mugabe seems to have a fear of himself. However, this fear stems from the misdeeds of his father who left them and abandoned them when Mugabe was still a child. He considers this his father’s weakness and for him leaving power; that would also be a sign of weakness on his part. He probably sees resigning from office as a sign of weakness and failure – or at least an admission of failure. This fear of resembling his father drives him further and further into doing all vices to ensure his grip on power is tightened.

Zimbabweans and Africans need to realize that we are fighting a war with a person who is consumed by fear. However, a person consumed by fear can only be defeated by unity. People need to realize that all the antics employed in instilling a permanent sense of insecurity in people are a reflection of a man eaten by fear and that such cowards can only be defeated by unity.


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