One of the greatest tragedies in life is to die without fully utilizing our potential. A greater tragedy is to watch potential live unreleased (Myles Munroe). Each and every one of us has potential embedded in them. This potential screams for release in the soul of every human being. How is potential manifested? It is manifested when we reveal our gifts, talents, capabilities and abilities to the world in their fullness. Inside of us is a great treasure that is waiting to be discovered in order for you to reach your place of brilliance and illumination. You can never feel fully satisfied until you fully utilize your God given abilities. The first and most important thing to do in order to discover your gifts and talents is to go to your Creator. You cannot rely on people to tell you the immense abilities and talents that you carry simply because they are not your Manufacturer.

This devastating move can be equated to going to the wrong Manufacturer to help you fix your car, you are guaranteed of not getting genuine parts. The people who surround us contribute greatly to suppressing what is in the inside of us. You have got to make a decision to move away from people who discourage you and join the few who are committed to attaining their full potential by endeavoring to maximize their abilities. Whatever gift and talent you have, work at it with your all, develop your mind to its fullness, unearth yourself and share your treasure with the world. Do not wait for circumstances to become perfect because they might not, instead gather the strength of a warrior, tap into your abilities and begin to work on them until you feel satisfied.

If writing is your passion, begin to pen down those inspirations that come into your mind, each time you feel that vigour to write, follow your instincts and watch as your gift ushers you into the presence of the Great. I am greatly inspired by the story of a man who lost his hands due to leprosy in Brazil and was only left with his legs and decided to take the initiative of carving and sculpting wood. This man learnt much from seeing his father working with wood. He did not sit down wallowing in self-pity wishing he had hands to sculpt but rather he used the parts of his arms that he had not lost to leprosy to carve and sculpt wood. His spirit released the untapped potential that he had. Today in Brazil, 12 life-sized carvings of this man of the major Old Testament prophets are displayed as one of Brazil’s most admired national treasures. This story depicts that in us lies great potential that needs to be unleashed.


Refuse to be discouraged by the mediocre achievers. Purpose to live your life to the fullest every day. I once heard someone say today is the youngest you will be and so bloom where you have been planted. Empty out all your abilities. If it’s public speaking you are good at, speak with such eloquence and vehemence with much confidence too. Your creator who called you has already qualified you, you don’t need people to qualify you. Waiting for the approval of men and for them to tell you how much potential you have is like fixing a broken down Chevrolet car with spare parts from Zimoco, there is no guarantee that the car will ever function again and equally with you, there is no guarantee that you will reach your MAXIMUM LIVING or achieve all that you have to.

Rely on your Creator, He is your Manufacturer. Spread your wings, tap into your abilities, use that joy and laughter to brighten up a soul. Put those ideas that you have into practice, it does not matter you don’t have a cheerleader to encourage you. Sometimes all you need is knowing that you have what is takes. Live fully so that when you die, you die empty with all the potential utilized. You have been a spectator for long, get off the bench and go and play the game of your life. Do not be bothered by others’ opinions, Defy the odds still. Get into the dance floor of life and let that potential out. Live a life worth turning into the book. Each day, write a different exciting story of your life, you are the main actor of the story of your life. The curtains have been raised and it’s time to take action.


A new episode of your life awaits you each day, don’t get stuck in re-runs or old and boring episodes. There are times when you will feel bored, sad and discouraged, however choose to rise above those feelings because feelings are fickle, they change at any time, surely we do not need to bow down to that. I learnt that when you die your brain must admit that it was used up to think up, strategize up, plan up and visualise up. It was also revealed to me that the saddest thing one can do is to carry around a head for his time here on earth and fail to use that head for some useful thinking, it’s brain abuse at its worst.

Don’t restrict your mind, allow those ideas, strategies and creativity to develop more. Work extra hours if you have to in order for you to LIVE FULLY. A sacrifice made today is an investment into a happy tomorrow. Time flies and before we know it, we will be out of this place so let’s make the most of our time so that when we die, we die used up having maximized EVERY fibre of our lives.

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  1. Casandra

    wow this article has tremendously encouraged me. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and enlarging your territory. Am so proud of you….

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