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Namibia: Happy Independence Day!

Today Namibia celebrates 27 years of independence from German and South African rule! Today we celebrate love, peace ,diversity and freedom. Happy Independence Day to all who call Namibia home.

Namibia became the South African colony in 1915, when the German forces were defeated during World War I. From 1919 onward, it was administered as a League of Nations mandate territory. Also South Africa wanted to incorporate Namibia into its territory, it never officially did so. The transition toward independence of Namibia began in 1978 after the UN Secretary Council passed UN Resolution 435. Until 1988 the attempts to persuade South Africa to agree the implementation of the plan were not successful. The full transition was deployed in 1989 and lasted till March 1990. The USSR and the USA were official observers of the process.

In order to achieve also economic independence from South Africa, Namibia introduced its own currency, the Namibian Dollar, in 1993. It was linked to the Rand for a transitory period.

In 1994, South Africa gave Namibia back its enclave Walvis Bay. This gave Namibia access to its own economically important sea harbor. The second elections in Namibia were held in 1994, as well and SWAPO kept their absolute majority and Sam Nujoma was confirmed as President.



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