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You know you are African if……

  • if you have 3 phones with 3 different SIM cards.
  • Your garage is always full of stuff because you never throw anything away, just in case you need it someday (a gum boot without a partner and the baby walker – baby’s now 12 and you are 48).
  • When you are young, your parents buy you clothes and shoes at least two sizes too big so that they would last longer.
  • After the free trial you do not renew the service
  • If your parents make you hand wash dishes when you have a dishwasher, make you sweep the carpet when you have a vacuum
  • if your mum puts you on the phone with everyone she speaks to even if you don’t know them.
  • when you were a young girl your parents expected you to know how to cook or else no man will marry you.
  • if you get in serious trouble if you forget to greet your parents first thing in the morning “AHH, HAVE YOU SEEN ME THIS MORNING?”
  • if every adult African you meet claims to have been top of their class and walked 10km on foot every morning to get to school
  • If your mother used to give you “the eye”
  • When you turn the backyard into a farm
  • if your parents call you by your full names only when you are in trouble
  • if going to University is not optional.
  • if your parents call you from the other side of the house to take their plates to the kitchen then follow you to the sink to wash their hands
  • if you go to the village only during Christmas or Easter periods.
  • If you have a plastic bucket in your bathroom just in case water dips


Feel free to add more in the comment section….

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