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*1.    WHAT WE WANT*
1.1.    We, the citizens, would like 2018 elections to bring about a change of government in Zimbabwe.
1.2.    We are convinced this will be made possible by a coalition of all viable opposition political parties intending to contest in 2018 elections.
1.3.    We are asking the opposition to give us one presidential candidate for the country, one Member of Parliament per constituency, one senator per constituency and one councillor per ward.
1.4.    We are asking opposition parties to begin inclusive deliberations now, so as to be ready for elections being held next year.*2.    WHY WE WANT IT*
2.1.    We, the citizens, desire a good life, and all it entails, for ourselves, our children and future generations.
2.2.    We would like to see democratic norms being upheld in Zimbabwe, to the benefit of all citizens, so that we are empowered to apply our talents towards the pursuit of our happiness.
2.3.    A coalition of opposition parties will give hope to and energise citizens towards registration and voting in 2018.*3.    BACKGROUND*
3.1.    We make this demand having noted that 32 years of post-independence opposition participation in electoral politics, have failed to bring a change of government and presidency to Zimbabwe.
3.2.    We take cognisant of divisions that have marred opposition politics in the last 17 years and how the same have negatively affected results of elections.
3.3.    We note that elections have been held in an uneven electoral landscape, which has included a partisan security sector and electoral body, rigging of elections and widespread intimidation and violence directed towards citizens.

4.1.    Coalition President_
4.1.1.    We demand one coalition president for all viable opposition parties for 2018 elections.
4.1.2.    Time and resources permitting, we the citizens, demand primaries to be held across the country for a suitable coalition presidential candidate who commands nationwide appeal.
4.1.3.    The coalition president must only lead the country during the coalition’s duration, and should not be available for any political office in any party in 2023.
4.1.4.    Any Zimbabwean eligible to become president of the nation, must be given permission by committee (para 4.5.1) to run for presidency of the coalition.
4.1.5.    All parties in the coalition must pledge to support the winning candidate without reservations for duration of the coalition.
4.2.    Members of Parliament_
4.2.1.    Parties shall debate an agreeable and equitable format for sharing/allocating constituencies.
4.2.2.    We strongly recommend that parties be allocated areas they have a strong voter presence in according to the membership registers.
4.2.3.    The same shall be done on Senators and Councillors and proportional representation seats.
4.3.    Coalition time frame_
4.3.1.    In the event that the coalition wins in 2018, it should serve until 2023 elections, the normal lifespan of Zimbabwean government, and then be dissolved.
4.3.2.    The coalition is a means to re-establish democracy in Zimbabwe, while sowing seeds for economic turnaround and must serve for only one electoral term.
4.3.3.    If the coalition fails to win in 2018, a thorough post-mortem of the election must conducted and the reasons for failure made public to allow for future planning.
4.4.    Mandate of coalition_
4.4.1.    To align electoral laws and institutions to the Constitution of Zimbabwe and ensure that the Zimbabwean diaspora is allowed and empowered to vote.
4.4.2.    To release the security sector, judiciary, media, legislature and civil service institutions from politicisation and patronage, so that they deliver their constitutional mandates in a transparent manner.
4.4.3.    To begin process of national economic recovery and transformation and foster national healing following three decades of impunity and disregard of the rule of law.
4.4.4.    To reduce the size/number of bloated Parliament, Senate and Councillors from 2023 through an inclusive constituency delimitation exercise.
4.4.5.    The coalition if elected, shall only amend, expand or detract from the Constitution of Zimbabwe after a referendum, in its term of office.
4.5.    Criteria for inclusion of participating political parties_
4.5.1.    An independent committee comprising of willing church and civic leaders must be given the task of assessing and inviting coalition members.
4.5.2.    The coalition must include viable, active and genuine opposition political parties who are able to present evidence of a set threshold of membership in the form of membership register.
4.5.3.    Leaders must put aside past differences and work together for the interest of citizens.
4.6.    Coalition government_
4.6.1.    The coalition government must include seasoned technocrats who will achieve the mandate of the coalition.

5.1.    The coalition must be established before or during registration of voters to encourage citizens to register to vote.
5.2.    The coalition must be established in time for all parties and contesting officials to be nominated and to campaign sufficiently and effectively to challenge current regime.

6.1.    We, as CitizensZW, are committing ourselves to rallying citizens behind the coalition as proposed here, to ensure that 2018 becomes our genuine year of independence.
6.2.    We will further encourage citizens to reject any individuals or parties that seek to hijack the citizens’ dream by contesting in 2018 elections on any other platform other than the coalition.

*7.    WHO WE ARE*
7.1.    CitizensZW is a growing movement of citizens desiring a just, equitable, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.
7.2.    We have members in all 10 provinces in Zimbabwe, Africa region and internationally.

*Contact details for amendments, deductions and additions to this document:*
WhatsApp: +263782289000
Email: [email protected]

*This document was drafted by:*

Banda, L. Moyo, P.
Bulawayo Province

Atwood, A. Nyirongo, D. Chiposi, F. Mavoni, H. Manyau, N. Mutangadura, R.
Harare Province

Kaunye, F. Mubvuta, G. Mugocha, T.
Manicaland Province

Chandaengerwa, C.
Mashonaland Central Province

Manjonjo, K. Mapuka, O.
Mashonaland East Province

Ruduvo, J. Moyo, T.
Mashonaland West Province

Ngomanyuni, R.
Masvingo Province

Sibindi, A. Kunzwa, C. Nyuruka, C. Ndungu, D. Mapasure, P.
South Africa Region

Gunguwo, E. Navonika, G. Kayiya, M.
United Kingdom Region

*We will receive and consider more input until Saturday 18 March 2018. Please send this document to everyone. Citizens must unite and demand what is best for citizens. We have silently followed party politics for long enough. It is time for us to be heard.*

Thank you for your input and sharing.


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