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Steps to decision making, What my horrible first time in bed taught me

dear reader.
Before I start exposing myself I need to impress heavily on this point. “Abstaining” is the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. I’m a believer and if I understood the things I do right now years ago, I would have waited until marriage. Our bodies are temples of the Lord God and keeping free from sexual indulgence keeps you in a healthy place spiritually, emotionally and mentally which allows you to hear God clearly concerning your life. This is the right thing to do But if you do “indulge”, be sure to use protection. Remember to get tested for hiv on a regular basis, know your status, improve your life.
Yours faithfully, Ken ★★★
I want to encourage someone to go for their dream, to make an effort, to take a step even if It’s hard and seems pointless. If you have something you want to do, go make it happen “But” before you do, research, get knowledge, get wisdom. Often we fail because we are not prepared. In business, relationships or life in general, wisdom is the most important thing. The Bible says in Pro 3:13 “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding” and it also explicitly tells us in Pro 4:7 “The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.” When you have no knowledge and insight into a matter, you are bound to fail.
Unprepared at It’s best…. I was 20 years old and about to find out the hard way the results of being unprepared. It started one lazy day at home as I was relaxing watching tv. I got a surprise visit from a girl who stayed close by. She needed something from me & was sharing news about how she had got a job abroad. She suddenly leans in to kiss me and I do the same but in my head I was shocked at the turn of events. She was older and generally  had a more financially accomplished taste so it safe to say she was out of my league. As the kissing and touching progress, clothes start to fall off. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I played along. Soon she asks us to move it to the bedroom and So we did. I put on some music to set a more relaxed tone then it hit me, I was about to have sex. I had never done it before, i had never even unwrapped a condom before and to be honest I had never seen a woman fully naked in the flesh before.
Everything was a first for me, it felt like christmas and winning the lotto had just happened on the same day for me . Suddenly pressure mounted as I realised the game was real. As the nervousness kicked in, I tried to extend the kissing hopping this would suffice and quench her thirst but her interests had shifted to my meaty treats. I pulled out a box of condoms I had received while I was still in high school from a sex talk I had attended at in my 6th form when I was18, it even had dust on it to show that it hadn’t been touched in nearly two years. My hands where clammy and shaking. I unwrapped the condom and was trying to read the instructions and find a dictionary to help me decipher some of the long words on the instruction manual on how to wear it without being noticed. I eventually clumsily slipped it on and dived in for the kill. Wrong entrance dude” she said as I struggled to connect the dots on a biology level but eventually I did and “ONE MINUTE  LATER  I was done. She politely asks what the problem was and I came clean and told her it was my first time. She was so mad at how I had promised the world and not delivered so she stormed out of the house in a fit. Later as I laughed about this incident and explained the story to my older brother he said a statement that stuck so heavy to this day and is the main reason to this article “always get knowledge and keep it, you’ll use it one day. Knowing keeps you two steps ahead of the game, get wisdom”
If you’re in the process of making a serious decision, don’t do like I did on that horrible first time. Rushed decisions bring calamity and often lead to epic fails. Below is quick step by step process to help you process your decision. It is my desire that you experience victory and breakthrough as a result of quality decision making.
Step 1. Define the problem : A clear picture of What exactly is wrong will help you come up with an appropriate strategy to move forward.
Step 2. Gather information : this could be getting books, sifting through webpages, talking to people, meditating or any possible way to have the information you need to map the strategy to the earlier defined problem.
Step 3. Establish goals : what are your desirable outcomes? You won’t make any real progress unless you have clear and well spelt out goals.
Step 4. Identify alternatives : alternatives offer different approaches for changing the initial condition into the desired condition. What routes can you use to get to your desired outcome. Which is better and should one fail, what would be your next option.
Step 5. Choose among alternatives What would be the quickest low risk route from the ones you have identified.
Step 6. Take action : “this is the most crucial part“… most people only think of things But you are a winner and took it a Step further to write it down now you’re taking an even bigger Step and taking action!
Step 7. Review and evaluate : once you have started to take action. Constantly check to see that you are on the path to the defined goals and if not then make adjustments that put you back on track.
All the best in the decisions ahead of you. Remember you won’t have the tomorrow you desire if you don’t decide it today. Stay winning, you are the best ♚
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