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Through The Eyes Of The Unprivileged.


If you were born rich and never had to work a day in your life and still laugh at your peers for not being in the same social class as you, then yes, I’m talking to you.

There are a bunch of spoiled rich kids; with loud mouths going around talking mad nonsense but  cannot begin to comprehend the situations most people go through and why they are who they are today.

While mummy and daddy hired a nanny to read you books or provide you with the latest technology to teach you how to read, another kid your age was home crying by herself because the mother had to work overtime to make a few extra bucks.

You had internet and all the study guides to finish your school assignments, while some kid barely had a book. Children somewhere had to baby sit their younger sibling or look for jobs to help out.

While you are being dropped in front of the university by your father’s fourth car, someone is missing their 07:30 class because they can’t find a taxi or because they don’t have taxi money.

By the grace of God, you all graduate but because your surname has been on the front page of the newspaper you get a job first. Someone out there is cleaning floors with their degree or doing all kinds of jobs because they have to pay their bills and because the system has been created to make them fail and remain below the red line.

“Being born POOR is not your fault, dying poor is.”

So before you come for somebody, asking them why they don’t have the latest phone, why they don’t follow trends, why they are always late for school, why they dropped out of university, why they wear the same clothes every time, why they are always angry and the worst one  WHY THEY ARE SO LAZY!!! Look in the mirror and realise something, not everybody got a helping hand or daddy’s wallet at their back and call, most people had to sweat hard to barely get by.

Then you want to go ahead and complain that it’s not your fault you were born rich and you’re right, it’s not but neither is it for those that are born poor. That kid you laughed at for coming with a torn uniform or cracked feet heels, with no shoes, that is not his fault either. It’s not his fault he had a foul smell too. His mother had to choose between buying him deodorant or school fees.

‘People always judge me for being born with a silver spoon in my mouth but…’ no, stop complaining and don’t insult God.

You laugh at me because I have never flown out of Namibia while you have countless times but difference is I am saving the little I make to travel while you just snap your fingers and it all happens.  Some of us have to work really hard in order to take an inch in the mile that daddy’s wallet has paved for you.

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