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Whoever scripts Always pads adverts must fall!

I use Always pads every time since the first time Aunt Flo visited me and i really appreciate them in all their forms, shapes and sizes. It is the advertising team however that i have a problem with. I mean really, sit down please. Take several seats and remain seated if you may. If any woman who is on her period watched this they would be majorly offended:

Listen, first of all no one wears pink while they are on their period. Your girls are constantly checking meaning you have it all wrong. And why is it always these school kids on your adverts anyway?Also why is it always black girls in these pad adverts? Don’t white girls use pads??Is it because no grown up woman agrees to feed on this rather offending picture you portray of happy girls who are always dancing on their period? No one is ever happy to receive their period unless they are on some pregnancy scare or something otherwise that is the most dreaded time of the month.

Do you not have women on marketing teams? Surely you must have. Imagine someone stabbing you in the stomach and twisting the knife. That’s cramps. Plus, your boobs get sore, your muscles ache, you experience nausea,headaches and the backaches and are constantly tired. So explain to me which part of that ordeal does your  dancing fit in?Don’t bore us please. Do not mislead these men to think that we are being childish, being on our period is an extreme sport and your adverts make it seem as if we are making it up.

Also just a reminder, YOU SELL PADS. You do know that right? Good, then why are you ashamed of blood? Toothpaste adverts show teeth, Coca-cola adverts show people actually drinking the soda therefore your adverts should show blood not that phony blue liquid you show on them adverts. Bodyform did it, why can’t you do it too? Show me something i can relate to or better yet do not advertise your product if you so ashamed of its true use. That Listerine is aggravating to say the very least. Pads are for blood, no woman has blue liquid oozing out her, trust me,we are not white walkers!

This 2017 do better please!

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