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More than 170 000 people in Mozambique have been affected since the storm made landfall late on Wednesday and according to The National Institute of Disaster Management (18 February 2017)  55 people injured, four were in critical condition and 7 causalities have been reported. The popular Guinjata Dive Centre in the Inhambane district of Mozambique was destroyed when Cyclone Dineo hit the area, bringing heavy winds and rainfall

The South African Weather Service warned citizens that Cyclone Dineo poses a threat and  heavy rainfall and flooding are to be expected as it is  headed inland toward Kruger National Park, the country’s premier safari destination. The risk of flooding was particularly severe along the banks of the lower Limpopo and Olifants rivers because they flow through southern Mozambique towards the floodplain region adjoining Xai-Xai in the south of the country. Heavy thunderstorms have also been noted in Eastern parts of Namibia as well as southern parts of Zimbabwe with sustained heavy winds and torrential rains.


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  1. Sipho Mahlangu
    I’m currently in the North of Mozambique. Some of my colleagues are from the South…..two of my work friends are specifically from Inhambane Province where #Dineo has had a high impact. The most difficult thing to do is coming up with words of comfort & encouragement for people affected by natural disaster. Like seriously, what do you even say?

  2. Boo
    I can only imagine the terror and the threat of hopelessness! I hope the people of Mozambique continue with their historically indomitable spirit and do not despair.

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